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Historiographers, Historians, History all look backward to the Ancient Past

Historiographers, Historians, History all look backward to the Ancient Past

Historiographers, Historians, History all look backward to the Ancient Past

Hebrew writings are Ancient, Anti-Diluvian or Preflood, Diluvian, Hebrew, Judaistic, Biblical, Intertestamental Scroll Records of Prophecy; THEOPNEUSTOS

God Breathed Statements of Truth; delivered to mankind by Enoch son of Jared 7th from Adam, the Major and Minor Prophets and the Carries of the Promise.


We Lean heavily on the shoulders of Sir Isaac Newton, 1700’s, George Stanley Faber on the 1260 Years, Ebenezer Erskine 1836 on The Wise Virgins Going Forth To Meet The BrideGroom; Putnam’s 1852 Chronology and History; Rawlinson 1884 Ancient Monarchies; Novum Testamentum AD Exemplar Millianum 1848

At Hebrewheritage we stand on the shoulders of such writers as Isaac Newton, Isaac Newton Apocalyptic Chart | Josephus | Luke | Gibbons | Keil and Delitzsch | Moulton | Geden | R. Kittel | McClintock | Strong | Charles Rollin | Rideau | H. Grates | D.D. Weldon | Osmond Tiffany | Max Raisin | John Peter Lang | F.R. Fay | John Lillie | W. M. Thomson | T. DeWitt Tallmadge | George P. Putnam | T.R. Birks | M.F. Mary | D. S. Margoliouth | Charles w. Harris | Simon Ockley | R. L. Ottley | Thomas Dick | Henry Hart Milman | Bayard Taylor | Trotter & Smith | A. G. Hogg | George Rawlinson | R. Talbot Kelly | C.F. Volney | H.G. Wells | James Bruce | John Flavel | Carlyle Haynes | Sayce | Rawlinson | Botta | Layard | Hincs | Oppert | Menant | Norris | Lenormant | Scrader | Smith | Conder | Schliemann | H.H. Meter | Victor Buksbazen | John Cumming | Henry James Forman | Frederick Haberman | H. Grattan Guinness | G.F. Maclear | Lady Magnus | M. Friedlander | T.H. Gallaudet | Solomon B. Freehof | Henry Stetzel | Peter Fredet | Henry Cowles | Kenneth S. Wuest | J.H. Ingraham | Benjamin Elliot Nicholls | Edward J. Young | James Henry Breasted | George Adam Smith | Theodor H. Gaster | W.E.B. | William Burgh | Sholem Asch | Itzhak Ben-Zvi | Thomas Hartwell Horne | Henry Smith Williams | Thomas Newton | S.R. Driver | T. K. Cheyne | J. Sutherland Black | Roswell D. Hitchcock | 1883 Encyclopedia Britanica 9th edition volumes 7 &16 | 1910 Encyclopedia Britannica | 1971 Encyclopedia Judaica | Plus hundreds more books, manuscripts and scrolls.

Historiographers, Historians, History all look backward to the Ancient Past; through Books; on this  Hebrewheritage has created a clear and comprehensive curriculum, to assist the user, whether mobile or stationary in finding what is connected, matched or linked in prophetic biblical text and the science of the planet, past, present and future, which fulfills prophecy. Biblical Consultancy… we provide access instruction as a service; BIBLEFORCEACCESS (c), meaning, the ability to freely view our Hebrewheritage Introductory Cur-ric-u-lum, to learn our source educational structure and once subscribed receive 

IPTVBROADCASTING.TV provides a space where you can find Hebrewheritage reference material, to do the work, to fulfill your life and His calling on it; to better understand in whom you have believedfrom Genesis 3:15 to the present; to do your own research study, as Sir Isaac Newton did; to educate yourself; toward the goal; significant good and faithful applied to your existence. We provide visual real world relevance to topical Bible subjects which have previously been difficult to teach, as well as, understand, based on previously unavailable original Hebrew Bible, commentaries and reference works, scroll books discovered at the Dead Sea; discovered in 1947. Today the Dead Sea Scrolls has been translated and presented in digital form for review, including the additional Books which have never been seen since in use by the first century Hebrew Bible Readers, Studiers, Researchers. You Want To Meet, Geza Vermes 1924-2013 ; British Academic, Biblical Scholar, Judaist Jewish Hungarian; The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls In English, 1962. Jesus The Jew, 1973; Jesus and The World of Judaism 1983, We never met Geza Vermes; we have met, 2 other contemporary scholar-authors, West Caldwell Seminars, Lawrence Sciffman, Reclaiming of The Dead Sea Scrolls, 1995 and James Vanderkam, The Dead Sea Scrolls Today 1994. In addition, to follow the Hebrewheritage curriculum it is required to have access to: Keil and Delitzsch Old Testament Commentaries volume set; D.D. Whedon The New Testament volume set 1871; the Dakes Annotated Reference Bible 1963-1971 4 column, The Emphasised New Testament by Joseph Bryant Rotherham 1897; The Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible NIV 1996, as well as, Young’s Analytical Concordance, whether, hardcopy, online or publish on-demand from this site.