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HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!                                                              

Genesis 1, starts with 6 Days; Then A Sabbath!

Genesis 1 Summary looks like literally

Here’s the Thing, Genesis 1:20-21, speaks of Swarming Creatures

Trilobites, Are Swarming Creatures; Today Trilobites Are Fossils

Genesis starts with a timing of Seeds; The Womans and The Serpents. Enoch outlines the Story of the Seeds, with Messages straught from Heaven

Noah Carries Ancient Notes On and Off the Ark

Abraham is Told His History Will Include Many Nations

Abraham Isaac And Jacob are Each Given Prophecies which must Play-out Through Time

King David Is Promised a Lineage which will extend To

The Virgin and Joseph are promised A Birth, ask Isaiah Isaiah is given Multiple Prophecies which extend through The Eternal Kingdom, After Armageddon. Jeremiah Explains the way it all works is by taking the Temple out of the Ground and Placing It In The Heart Jeremiah 31:31

Daniel is told

Ezekiel Explains The dry Bones, known today as The Holocaust, the 144,000 representative Tribes of the Hebrew-Jewish, nation. one of the most indiviual record of tribe members in the history of the human race.

Matthew 24:15; An Anointed Christ, command to All Disciples, Apostles; Evangelist; Pastors and TeachersThe Prophet Daniel  will have answers 1st question, the significance of the 2nd Temple Destruction 2nd question, explain the state of the world during the End Times 3rd question, outline of End of the Aion; Gentile Age

Matthew “the reader” to understand that reference. Mark, as well, Mark 13:14. John In Revelation 1:1-3 provides the same advice,“Know and Understand” RECOGNIZE JOHN WAS WRITING TO THOSE WHO ALREADY HAD SALVATION WHEN HE WROTE THE PROLOGUE TO REVELATION We Are To Know and Understand Since The Time Is Short

When the 17th century AD arrives, Sir Isaac Newton writes Dissertations on the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse, we Sir Isaac Newton educated himself in this manner, thereafter, Newton wrote Observations of the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse, meaning Revelation, plus many other ministry works, before he received his mathematics degree; including Principea, his finest work!

SO YES, YOU CAN BE SAVED AND KNOW NOTHING, LIKE THE MAN ON THE CROSS OR YOU CAN WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION BY FIRST LOOKING AT PSALM 119, THE ENTIRE CHAPTER; THEN RETURN HERE FOR THE ADVANCED CURRICULUM. With the Holy Spirit it is immpossible to get lost.If you pray, repent follow the Holy Spirit; you cannot get loss. Boot Camp Can Be Found HERE.