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YOU WANT TO KNOW!    PSALM 119 Explains You Must

YOU WANT TO KNOW!    PSALM 119 Explains You Must

YOU WANT TO KNOW!    PSALM 119 Explains You Must Know!

Join us! It Will Only Take A Minute To Step Through Your Bible In A Linear Storyline Historiography; As It Was Written!

Bible Text written as a, “Karot brit”; establishes a Covenant; definitive Promises; haqem, or Naton brit fulfillment of the Promises made at the time the Covenant was established. Genesis 3:15; begins the Linear Storyline with how the biblical drama played out, through the course of Aions,  Ages. Matthew 24:1-3 The Destruction of the 2nd Temple and Signs of the End Times Age; not the End of the World. Prophecy!

The Olivet Discourse Eschatological Key To Revelation

BIBLE STORYLINE 101: Historiographers, Historians, History Researchers; Hebrew Bible Consultants all look backward to the Ancient Past, create the full view of the storyline of history; museum’s today call it the backstory meaning the entire storyline not just the sound byte is presented on the back side of the artifact, Hebrewheritage has used the same model to create the backstory of prophetic history; a clear and comprehensive Hebrew Bible Media Curriculum ©™ The storyline, THE BEGINNING, enmity between the Seed of the Woman and the Seed of the Serpent; permeates history, is traceable through out the temporal system of redemption, from the Garden of Eden to the present day. The prophetic declaration of the Garden Fall and its restitution can be found in Genesis 3:15. The details of the curse follow in the decree of emity perpetuating between the 3 participants; Adam, Eve and the Serpent. The Woman’s Seed will bruise the head of the Serpent; the Serpent’s Seed will bruise His heel. It is one prophecy, one dialogued sequence of events, one corrective,redemptive restorative process, one rescuer, in fulfillment of collective and individual prophecy, of the Hebrew Bible; known today as the Dead Sea Scrolls, books used, appled and curated along with their Commentary and Reference Works, in the first century. Step by step, the terms of the prophetic decree cascade through history; the Moed’, appointed time, times and 1/2 of human, Homo Sapien Sapien, made in the image of God, history of mankind. We have always been able to trace the Seed of the Woman from Seth, then Noah; Shem, Ham, Japheth; it is not until September 11, 2001 | 911 | that we have been able to trace and track the Wicked Seed of the Serpent, Daniel 12, that will never Understand; identified according to their biblical attributes found in Psalm 83, anti-system complied of Wicked Seeds, Beasts, Frogs, the enemies of God. which cannot say Jesus if the Son of God; determined to Kill; Not Prepared See, I never knew you! Matthew 25; Great Salt Missing From Earth Apostacy Church