An Intelligent Knowledge of History Earth & Universe Sciences, Archaeology, Geography, Cosmology, Palentology, Eschatology, Prophecy etc... is required to understand Bible Prophecy

Authors Science Educators Research Specialists James Webb Space Project Higgs-Boson Discovered CERN Museums Institutes Centers of Higher Learning The Guttenberg Project Israel Antiquities Authority Orion Center Isaac Newton Time Chart The Newton Project Isaac Newton’s Principia Oriental Institute British Museum Persepolis
Biblical Nebuchadnezzar Dream Daniel Interpretation The prophet Daniel’s 70 Weeks of Daniel 9:24-27 Daniel Educated the Persian Empire in the Hebrew Bible Text to this day there are Tallit, Study Prayer and Hebrew Rites in Iran; as the direct result of Babylonian Captivity and King Cyrus the Great Achaemenid Empire Release of the Hebrews, Release to return to Jerusalem and rebuild, the 2nd Temple The Achaemenid Persians are forefathers of the 3 Wiseman of the 1st century Bethlehem Virgin Birth. Achaemenids Persian Iranian lineage first to see The Christ Child and Bear Gifts to Honor His Birth and His Hebrew God. Achaemenids retain and research the Hebrew Bible content over 600 years BC and 2022 years AD, todate. The storyline reveals action upon the Hebrew words received from Daniel. The Magi researched the Star, Researched Behtlehem Ephrath
& Susa SHUSHAN Library King Cyrus 600BC 1st Century


80-100AD John’s Patmos Trade Route Jerusalem to Japan
Ottoman Empire
WWI Sykes–Picot Agreement 1916 10 Horns 10 Kings & Heads Holocaust Ends Moses Curse – Repentance Dead Sea Scroll 1st century Bible Discovery 1947 The Partition of the Land Sykes-Pekot Balfour British Mandate of Palestine 1917-1948 Nation in a Day British Mandate Ends The Prophet Isaiah Prophecy Fulfilled 1948
911 identified the Wicked of Daniel 12 And the narrated Nations of Psalm 83; from which the 20 Terrorist of September 11, 2001, descended

Covid19 identified a Biblical Pestilence Matthew 24:6-8 Red Writing

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