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Watching and comparing events in the Middle-East with biblical text.​


Daniel Decoded – End of Days Events / 911/ 1948/ 70ad/ 30ad – END of Days

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Isaac Newton

Thematic connections between Prophetic events in secular and biblical history, presented in graphic chronologic view . Isaac Newton, spent great effort on Biblical matters and Theology and with the fixing of dates in ancient history. Newton was keenly interested in religious matters in the prime of his life, some of his peers stated he was more interested in religion than in science. Soon after writing Principia Newton was heavily involved in writing about the scriptures; he actively carried on correspondence on the prophecies of the book of Daniel. It is noted in a very large collection of papers that he wrote a million and a half words, enough to fill fifty books on religious and historic matters. One of the fifty books was, Observations on the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse (Revelation) of St. John. In this book he connected the prophecies with subsequent histry: for instance the beast of Daniel has ten horns and there came up among them a little horn. Newton identified these horns with kingdoms, and accurately decided the little horn was the Roman Church in its age, which is historical prior to Israel becoming a state again according to the book of Isaiah. There after, a little horn of unique description and attribute must appear and and resurface as first a sea beast and than an earth Beast with different attributes from that of the Roman church. The most significant technical description and attribute which the Roman Church cannot fit is the number of the Beast 666; which is man’s number. Within prophetic knowledge and understanding, the attiribute must fit the principle character or event in its Aion, age reference, meaning its period of historical existance in conjunction to ALL the other scriptures which relate. This means every part of a particular prophecy is fullfilled as a whole, not as fragments. Therefore all the parts of historic prophecy must be connected and strung together to reveal the entire plan of the prophecy fulfilled.

Watching and comparing events in the Middle-East with Biblical text

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Sir Isaac Newton

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